Inspiral London 2015

Detours2London is an artist-led walking project to map and create an urban and semi-urban walking trail through London. The route hacks into existing footpaths and ways. Initial mapping will look at ways of  thinking about Urban Space as an other environment: the potential shape and direction of walking route/s; how we can see the city and use it in different ways; how we can encourage artistic, (experimental & ecological) approaches to, and other ways of being in and intervening in the city.

This project evolves out of De/Tours in Marseille see and the GR2013 (National walking trail through Marseille/France) see: . It plots a new path through and out from the centre of the City: in a spiral that turns through London five times towards its final destination at Gravesend – Inspiral London 2015. Further announcements in May 2015.



Associate Artists:

Sarah Spanton (Director Waymarking), Grant Smith (Sound Camp), Joanne Wardrop and Steven Ounanian, Sisters from Another Mister, Calum F. Kerr and Miyuki Kasahara, Charlie Fox (counterproductions), Beth Elliott,  Anne Robinson, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Sarah Sparkes.



sound camp


locus sonus


walking artists

walking and art

walking art

walk, landskip, knowledge

wild projects



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