Dragin the Solstice

2pm 21 June 2015

Inspiral London commences its long trek towards Gravesend. Join us on solstice day for the start of the walk, from Kings Cross to Waterloo as we spiral out from the centre of the metropolis. Meet the solstice signs, the vindications and hidden mirrors in the city, as we plunge together into the rhythm of the walk

Sunday 21 June 2015, 1.50pm for 2pm inside Kings Cross Station at central steel arch pillar

The main walk will start inside the station concourse, then spin out past spindle, the Henry Moore sculpture from 2pm. If you are late text Charlie 07748655103 or Tim 07793200932 to locate us. It is advisable to wear suitable footwear and rainwear depending on the weather. The walk is approximately 6 miles and will take around 2 1/2 hours. There will also be a halfway stop for refreshments.


Inspiral London (Detours2 London) grows out of decentrederspace cultural and artistic experiments in Marseille (inspired by the GR2013 project – semi-urban footpath created for European Capital of Culture); in creating a novel walking trail for London from June 2015 to June 2017. The walk spirals from a central point within the heart of London, corkscrewing out 8 times to finish at Gravesend Ferry, crossing where the World’s End at Tilbury. The walker finally stops, peering back towards central London and the concrete office towers of Canary Wharf, or turning Eastwards looks out along the brown curving arch of the river as it opens out its hinterlands in an expanse of green and brown Sealand.
The anticipated trajectory of the trail is designed and marked out by a loose collective of artists, writers, architects, geographers, planners, urban explorers, and walking enthusiasts. There are 26 sections (lengths from approx. 5 miles to 10 miles in length) at an average of 7/8 miles. The approximate overall length of the walk is 225 miles crossing the Thames at 10 points; a planned clockwise return from Gravesend ferry north back into the Centre of London will add approximately 50/75 mile.
The walk is both an artistic assembly and a form of democratic action that allows members of the public and the audience/participants to use the walk as pathway to discover and experiment within the built environment of London; using the whole of London as one vast art space in which to rethink and re-imagine the built environment, as a place of extraordinary variety, contrast and potential, and as a tour of the places we no longer see or have forgotten.



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