Hoo Peninsula (11 January 2015) – Isle of Grain, Chasing the Eels

Detours research walk led by Nicole Mollett

Hoo Peninsula (11 January 2015) – Isle of Grain, Chasing the Eels… (with Artists Sarah Sparkes, Charlie Fox & Nicole Mollett, Luke and Tim Ingram-Smith)

We visited Grain and made an unscheduled stop at number One the Thames, the tidal mud flowing gently in the January sunlight all the way to Southend-on-Sea. On our return toward Dartford we made stop offs at Cooling Parish Church. Sitting in the shell chapel, we allowed ourselves the indulgence – thinking of Magwitch prowling the marshes or of the cattle foraging between the drainage ditches. In the distance stood the angled cranes of Tilbury – there, finally as we stood in the dusk – and looked out from the White Cliff of Cliffe, dreaming of caravan wrecks, eels and water fowl.


With thanks to Nicole Mollett for her expert guidance and precise information. Our next detour will be in the the very heart of London, at its disputed centre. Date and time to be confirmed (February 2015)


The Hoo Eel, electric blue and with a vicious buck (thanks to Luke for finding the HooEel)


The Thames Tidal wall at the isle of Grain. Fifteen Steps to the seaside…


Buttway lane Sign at Cliffe before being (un)fixed by Tim.


‘the glittering medway forshore’ (image: Sarah Sparkes)


(image: Sarah Sparkes)


(image: Sarah Sparkes)

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