Detours 2 London


‘Detours2London’ is a artist-led walking project to map an urban and semi-urban walking trail through London. Detours2 initial public event will look at ways of mapping, and thinking about, Urban Space as an other environment: the potential shape and direction of walking route/s; how we can see the city and use it in different ways; how we can encourage artistic/experimental/ecological approaches to, and other ways of being in and intervening in the city.

Detours2 in a variety of unique London locations including:

Gravesend Ferry terminal. (5 July p.m)
The Shed and around Stave Hill Ecological Park. (6 July a.m)
Through Bermondsey/Rotherhithe walking and beyond. (6 July p.m)
This project evolves out of De/Tours in Marseille see
and the GR2013 (National walking trail through Marseille/France) see: This will be an ambitious public art project that hacks into existing footpaths and ways (such as London Circle, London Loop, the Thames Pathway, Green Chain etc.). It takes inspiration from a number of walking art projects including the work by Baptiste Lanaspeze and Iain Sinclair.




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