Mapping Structures

Proposals for mapping and understanding space:



FORMS of structuring – Detours 2 – Walking Tour and journeying.

Exploring the central theme and aims of walk – an artistic/alternative imperative to explore place (space and environment) as a novel way/s of mapping/experiencing and being in “your city”.

Person – Methodology for Walks – walking regularly every other week or once a month – events/walks approximately 10 miles per week as action research

Where do you think you are/ provocations, invitations – exploring certain questions.

A Structure 1. Walk – method.  2. Focus – Design, Guide, Audience, Participant, Interlocuter

B  R  I  E  F

Democratic/Open and chance   > Facilitate / Intention   < Guide/Lead/Determined

 “Chance must be curbed…” Mallarmé

“Chance is at last curbed … as chance defeated word by word” or as chance defeated step by step. The walk as an extended poem to London that is evolving and changing.



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